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Akram Allahabadi Novels Now Available



It has been decided by the family of Akram Allahabadi to provide online novels for your reading pleasure.

All rights are reserved. No part of any of the novels may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system (included but not limited to computers, disks, external drives, tapes, electronic or digital devices, e-readers, websites), or used to make a film or TV Drama or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the COPYRIGHT OWNER - Farhat Chagla (Daughter of Akram Allahabadi) 

This page will be regularly updated to include additional novels. Keep visiting.

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Clik the Novels to Read

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Junction Bilara   Kanpati Maar   Andheray Ka Devta   Jarse-e-Lahoot   Sweet Seventeen   Tareekhi Ulloo
Aawaz Ka Khoon   Maut Ki Dastak   Dunya Maut Ki Mutthi Mein   Prince of Ranjan Gadh   Kala Kutta   K-3
Gosht Ke Putlay   Doctor Salazar   Salazar Ki Wapsi   Salazar Tibet Mein   Salazar America Mein   Nepal ka Jadugar
Mot Ke Mehman   Shahkaar   Khooni Badal   Korh Ke Keeray   Roohon Ka Raqs   Tainee Makhlooq
Purasrar Sayah   Murda Bazar   Farar   Operation Venus   Khala Mein Tasadaum   420+420
Cheekhtay Pahar   Holnak Sazish   Shabala Ki Rooh   Challenge    Taees Mahal   Gumshuda Laash

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